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Can I upgrade my account at any time?
Sure, you can upgrade your account at any time within a few minutes by submitting upgrade form.
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Eugene Hosting offers a full 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you are not...
How am I billed for my account(s)?
Eugene Hosting invoices you via Email. You will receive an invoice around the 1st of the month...
How do I cancel my account?
You will need your username and password to cancel your account. Log into Client area and submit...
How fast are accounts set up?
Eugene Hosting strives for a setup time of no more than 60 minutes per order. If an order is...
Is there a minimum time contract/commitment required?
No contracts are required. You may cancel at anytime and there are absolutely no cancellation fees.
What currency are the prices in?
All prices listed are in US dollars.
Where can I learn cPanel documentation?
Check: http://www.cpanel.net/docs/cpanel/
Where can I learn WHM documentation?
Check: http://www.cpanel.net/docs/whm/
Will my clients find out about Eugene Hosting?
Eugene Hosting attempts to hide all mention and tracing for its resellers. Eugene Hosting offers...