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My Streaming Real Audio/Video is not Working

Adding streaming RealAudio/RealVideo site content. 
All accounts support RealMedia (RealAudio and RealVideo) files via HTTP streaming. Also known as "pseudo-streaming," HTTP streaming provides virtually unlimited streaming of RealAudio and RealVideo files over HTTP. Follow these simple instructions to add streaming RealMedia content to your web page: 

Step 1: Create/convert sounds using RealEncoder 

Create a .rm file using RealProducer. RealProducer can be obtained (free) from the RealAudio web site: 

Use the RealProducer wizard to record or convert existing content into RealMedia (.rm) format. 

Step 2: Create a text file 

Use a standard text editor such as Notepad, and create a .ram file. The file should contain the following (case-sensitive) HTML line: 


Note: The URL above must include the "http://" characters. For example: http://www.yourdomain.com/yourfile.rm 

Upload the .rm and .ram files to your account. Assuming you named the .rm file "yourfile.rm", the .ram file should be named "yourfile.ram", and should be located in the same directory. Make sure to upload the .rm file in binary mode and the .ram file in ASCII mode. 

Step 3: Link 

Link the .ram file to any image or text you specify on your page. When a visitor clicks on this link, the RealPlayer program starts. Upon spawning the player, the RealPlayer program reads the location of the RealAudio/RealVideo .rm file from the .ram file. The player then accesses and plays the file as it is being downloaded, in real time. 

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