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What is a Domain Name?

For all intents and purposes, your domain name is your online identity, which allows internet users from around the world to locate and browse your website from their computer. Technically speaking, a domain name is an alias which refers Internet users to your ISP address, a complicated series of numbers that represent your space on the web. Developed to make ISP addresses easier to remember, domain names consist of three parts: the second level domain, the root, and the top level domain. The second level domain is the name of your website.

The common fictitious domain name, www.example.com, is comprised of three essential parts:

  • .com - This is the top-level domain.
  • .example. - This is a sub-domain.
  • www. - This is a sub-domain prefix for the World Wide Web. The original use of this prefix was partly accidental, and pronunciation difficulties raised interest in creating viable alternatives.

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