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How do I get to cPanel?

When you first sign up you do get the link from us as a new account welcome email. Please refer to that email. If you need us to resend it, please submit a ticket or refer back to your portal account as within the portal account is the very same link to your cpanel account too.


1) Go to http://my.eugenehosting.com
2) Login with your email account on our portal
3) Go to services then select my services.
4) Click view details of the package you wish to review.
5) There is a login to cpanel button there.  Click that to login to cpanel!  That's it!

Important note that you may have to enable port 2083 on your firewall if you have difficulties accessing the cPanel default port number.  It is necessary to have this port open, and you must contact your I.T. department or computer consultant if this is something within your business network you need to change.

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