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Changes to DNS settings (Zone Editor) to remote servers

Any changes to DNS settings is the customer's responsibility. We cannot be responsible for any mistakes made within the DNS zone editor for obvious reasons. Make changes at your own risk, be sure you are familiar with proper DNS practices if you are going to change them, and stick to industry standards (if you don't know what DNS standards are, you should not be touching it in all honesty!) - and when in doubt you can hire us to assist you if you absolutely need it done right. Many mistakes can be done if not careful. From downtime to frustration.

Important note: Client forfeits all email or web site support when pointing their web site or email to a third party location. For instance if you have hosting with us with a complete package and you decide to point mail to another service provider, you forfeit all email support from us. So if your mail provider should ever go down, please do not ask for support from us as it is impossible for our team to fix a remote server. Our name servers are redundant and are spread out to 4 different cities worldwide. So chances are likely our systems are far more reliable than where your third party is.

When using outside mail services, be sure to pay close attention to IPs, cnames, and A records.

When using outside web services, also pay close attention to A records and cnames too.

Learn about TTL!   Time to live is crucial and part of the basics of DNS for minimal to no downtime for changes.  Then learn how to revert it back to proper standards.  Do not leave it to substandard TTL settings!

We pay for tools to assure DNS is by the book - if you need your records checked after you have done your changes, you can contact us for consulting and we can actually verify every setting is correct.
Our standard hourly fees applies.

If you have problems getting to outside systems, it is your responsibility to troubleshoot the problems as we cannot fix outside systems. There may be more variables we cannot control from firewalls to wrong IPs or people pointing to dynamic IPs. Too many variables to list here. Be careful is the bottom line, and when in doubt hire an expert that is familiar with DNS like the back of the hand!  :)

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