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Account Locked out of cPanel

You can lock yourself out of cPanel and all systems if you log in with the wrong password too many times for any of the services (i.e.: e-mail, FTP, cPanel logins)  The time and settings are proprietary information (for security reasons) but do understand the more you lock yourself out the greater the time you have to wait to be able to get back in!

Scenarios that can really make things bad:

1) If you have a machine set to check mail automatically 24/7, and it has the wrong password! That is bad. Another reason why setting email to auto-check email too frequently is a BAD idea. If you have many employees this can really compound your problem if you have people who keep logging in with wrong passwords.  There is no fix for "fat fingers" in secure hosting - so you just have to educate yourself, your end users, your employees, your family from not really being too persistent with entering wrong passwords. If its wrong the first couple times, don't keep trying a few dozen times in other words! What's wrong is wrong in our world of security hosting!

2) IP lockouts can occur when a machine is compromised with some kind of virus. The virus attempts to use your e-mail account with all sorts of different userIDs and passwords - locking your entire IP out of our system. This has happened to customers - best solution is to invest in anti-virus software and keep it up to date!  Mac, PC, whatever.



We maintain a far more secure hosting environment for the benefit of the entire community. More so than any other host we guarantee it. What may seem "inconvenient" to some, turns out to have created the #1 secure hosting environment for those who do appreciate a higher standard of security and peace of mind. What may be preventing you from getting in with an incorrect password is doing the same thing to hackers 24/7, millions of times a minute for the servers across our network.


If you feel you have been locked out, contact us.

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